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We describe ourselves as expert painters who can provide a solution for your painting projects. We can help you find the correct painting system that creates the best results with long lasting, expert finishes .  Our services include surface preparation, timber repairs, varnishing, staining, glossing and the application of emulsion.  Our painting systems will provide maximum protection in the preservation of any surface.

We have strict step by step preparation procedures that we follow.  This allows us to ensure maximum adhesion of painting and protection to almost any interior surface.

Optimal Property Solutions like to get the job done right the first time. We like to submit an accurate proposal of cost for our services this ensures that there are no hidden charges. Other businesses may just submit you a cheap quote just to get your contract.  What this could mean is that damaged surfaces are just covered over rather than replaced or correctly repaired.  Even worse other companies may choose to use inferior quality paint just to keep the costs down this only results in an inferior finish.

How is our interior painting service different? We will begin with a thorough inspection of the surfaces that need painting, this includes looking for peeling paint, damaged walls/ceilings and trim that needs repairing or replacing.  This will allow us to accurately quote time and materials needed to ensure all surfaces are correctly treated.  This also guarantees our clients that there will be no hidden costs and our painting finish will be of the highest quality.  Our quality interior projects will always use our 6 step proven procedure method’s.  We find that this always guarantees an excellent painting finish and a happy client.

Procedure One

Thorough room inspection.

Procedure Two

Surface preparation and surface cover protection.

Procedure Three

Ceilings painted.

Procedure Four

Paint all trim.

Procedure Five

Paint walls.

Procedure Six

Cleanup and painting touch up if needed and inspection of surfaces with client.

Our Procedures Explained

Room Inspection: This will always start our painting process.  This gives us time to discuss with our clients colour schemes and time frames.  We can also examine every surface that our customer wants painting and start our planning process of how to create the best finish on a particular surface.  The reason being is that every surface is different and the one approach fits all may not work.  We will also measure the room to calculate the amount of paint needed.  At this stage we will also discuss with the client what they are leaving in the room and what is being taken out.  Optimal Property Solutions will always insist that a room is cleared however, we do understand that this is not always possible.

Surface Prep & Protection: We consider this step the most vital.  A thorough precise preparation plan will always ensure better paint surface adhesion.  We will start with a thorough vacuum of the area, this will limit the amount of dust that could pollute our freshly painted surfaces.  We will then move onto removing any nails or screws found, we can then use a filling compound to fill the holes left behind.  Any large cracks will usually be repaired with jointing tape and compound.  At this stage we can also remove any old caulk with a knife.  Any fixtures or fittings that our clients want to keep will be taped together and then stored in a safe place.  Sanding then proceeds and is usually the longest part but is crucial to provide a key for the new paint.  We will sand any surface that has been filled with a 120 grade paper, proceeding then to sand all the trim that will be painted usually with a 220 grade sanding sponge.  Walls and trim are then washed in a sugar soap solution to remove all dust and grease etc.  Once the surfaces are dry we can then re-apply caulk to any gaps where trim meets the wall surface.  We will now remove any light switches and sockets and mask them off, including the skirting boards to prevent paint splatter from falling on the floor.  The last stage of this thorough process entails priming all surfaces that have been filled.  This is usually done with a good latex interior primer for best results and once again hoovering the entire area, after which we will protect any furniture that has been left in the room and the floors with a drop cloth that has a plastic membrane running through the centre.

Painting Ceilings: Although this is a relatively fast process with a good quality roller and extension pole.  We still like to make sure that we get a great finish and not miss anywhere.  We use professional painting methods that will ensure the entire coverage of the ceiling. Optimal Property Solutions will always apply two coats of full strength emulsion whatever colour you choose.

Trim Painting: While the ceiling is drying out, we can move directly onto applying our first coat of paint to the trim.  Please note that we consider the trim to include skirting and one door frame only, anything else will cost extra to paint please see our estimated cost for painting below.  Yet again we always recommend two full coats of paint to cover the surface completely and ensure maximum protection.

Painting Walls: The final stage of our painting process will consist of applying two full coats of quality paint to all wall surfaces.  We always make sure that the trim has been masked to protect it from roller spray.

Clean up & Paint Touch up: With your room now painted and looking fabulous it is time to start removing all the cloths and masking tape where applied.  Rarely do we have to do any touch ups however, sometimes masking tape can pull fresh paint from its plaster when removing it.  Any paint removed will be cut in to the edge of the surface.

Client Inspection: We invite all our clients to walk around and inspect our great work.  We advise our clients that if they are not happy with something now is the time to mention it, even if that means getting the tools back out the van. We will happily fix anything that the client is not satisfied with,  as long as it falls under our original estimate for services submitted. We hold customer satisfaction and job excellence as the corner stones to maintaining and building our business.

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