Exterior Painting Solutions

Painting Right The First Time

At Optimal Property Solutions we believe in doing the job right the first time.  This allows us to save you money over the long haul and improves the quality of our painting finish.  We have strict step by step procedures that we follow.  This allows us to ensure maximum adhesion and protection to almost any exterior surface.

As part of our promise getting it done right the first time, we like to submit an accurate proposal of cost for our services. Other businesses may just submit you a cheap quote just to get your contract.  What this means is damaged surfaces and wood rot are just covered over rather than replaced or correctly repaired.  Even worse there may be hidden charges down the line and the quality of our painting finish will not be great, costing you money in the long run.

How is our service different? We will begin with a thorough inspection of the painting surfaces, this includes looking for peeling paint, exposed timber, fascia plus soffit board damage, wood rot, stained/exposed surfaces and loose render.  This will allow us to accurately quote time and materials needed to ensure all surfaces are correctly treated.  This means that there will be no hidden costs and our paint finish will be of the highest quality.

Procedure One

Inspect Surfaces to be painted.

Procedure Two

Scrape loose paint, hand sand imperfections & caulk where needed. Repair Carpentry.

Procedure Three

Power wash all surfaces to be painted.

Procedure Four

Mask anything that will not need painting. Place drop cloths on the landscapes.

Procedure Five

Apply two or three coats of full strength quality paint.

Procedure Six

Cleanup and final walk-through/inspection with client.

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Procedures Explained

Pressure Wash: We spray the exterior surfaces with a biodegradable cleaning solution.  We will then pressure wash the surface, this helps remove dirt, dust, stains, greasy deposits and remove any loose paint.

Surface Preparation: Surface preparation is the most critical step to a long-lasting ,durable, paint finish.  Do not hire a company that is not willing to do the prep and only wants to apply the paint.  Your surfaces might look good for 6 to 12 months, but will quickly deteriorate and will have to be redone properly later, leading to more expense.  We scrape loose and peeling paint, then we lightly sand timber & brush masonry surfaces.  This will provide a key for the new paint to adhere to.  We can then apply exterior primers to help paint adhesion and block any stains that a pressure wash will not remove.  Caulk, is applied to seams and joints where timber meets timber or a masonry surface.

Carpentry Repairs: Sometimes we will discover an external timber frame that is not fit for purpose and just needs to be replaced.  Homeowners, will often ask if we can minimize expenses by not replacing for example a blown window sill or an external door.  We would rather wait a few more months for our clients to get together a budget needed to complete the work properly the first time.  This will save you money in the long run and you have assurance that the new piece of timber will do exactly what it is supposed to do.

Masking Surfaces: This means exactly what it says, we will go round and mask off anything that does not need painting.  We will place drop cloths on your landscapes to help protect from paint spray and drips.

Application of Paint: Now that all the preparation work is completed we can now apply the paint.  We will apply paint using a brush or roller and sometimes a spray gun.  We believe in applying full strength paint to our surfaces which means, we never under any circumstances water our paint down.  This ensures maximum protection and preservation of work surfaces.

Cleanup: We always promise our clients that we will leave there property in the same condition if not better, than the way we found it.

Client Inspection: We invite all our clients to walk around their property with us so we can show them our great work.  We advise our clients that if they are not happy with something now is the time to mention it, even if that means getting the tools back out the van.  We will happily fix anything that the client is not satisfied with.  As long as it falls under our original estimate for services submitted.  We hold customer satisfaction and job excellence as the corner stones to maintaining and building our business.